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"Giorno's Theme" / "il vento d'oro" - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind OST (Piano)

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❱ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE QUALITY MUSIC!!! ❱ Support the channel by becoming a member!!! Join here: ❱ Anime Piano Music on Spotify: Stream/Download this Piano Cover below: ✦ iTunes / Apple Music: ✦ Spotify: ✦ Google Play: ----------------------------------------­­----- ❱ Support me and my music FOR FREE by listening to my covers on Spotify: Download my covers on... ❱ iTunes: ❱ Google Play: ❱ Amazon: ● FACEBOOK: ● TWITTER: ● INSTAGRAM: ------------------------------------------- Hey guys, Here is my arrangement (based off winthos' version) of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind OST called "il vento d'oro", also known as Giorno's Theme! And as always, enjoy! Please note: This visual format is for effect only and I would suggest using my Synthesia-only videos to try and learn the songs (only as an alternative to sheet music, which is much better than Synthesia), as the keys may not 100% line up with my piano. Song Title: il vento d'oro (also known as Giorno's Theme) Original Composer: Yugo Kanno ------------------------------------------- ● Download my MIDI files through Patreon: ♫ GET THE FREE SHEET MUSIC HERE: (Note: Enter 0 in the price field if you don't want to donate anything, then enter your email. However, any donations are much appreciated!) ------------------------------------------- #GiornoTheme #JoJo #Piano #Synthesia #JoJosBizarreAdventure #Ilventodoro #MainTheme #JoJoGoldenWind

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