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Mental Resilience Programme

Learn to focus your attention, manage stress and think positively through exercises and challenges.
Improve your wellbeing: Measure and improve your sleep - so you can sleep better and feel more rested.
Enhance your performance and productivity.

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It's your journey.

The more sessions you complete, the better Kelaa will get to know you.
Kelaa takes into account the things you’ve told it before. Whether you love a session or not, your feedback will help us make recommendations. The best bit about it? Sessions just get better and better.



Small Steps. Big achievements

Make your life better everyday; one step at a time. Go on a journey with Kelaa and arrive at a healthier, better, and happier you. You might not reach that destination overnight, but over time. Keep the faith. It is the day-to-day living that matters, the small actions that you do or don’t do that make all the difference. Don’t worry, we know that everybody is different and you will follow a path that is tailored to you.



Trust and privacy

We keep your personal information private and safe.
We believe that your trust is what really matters and that is why we take it seriously. As we get to know you, we will remember your choices and preferences to tailor recommendations and insights, which will help you live a better private and professional life.


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